Chef. Vanessa Domínguez



It rouses you; it gives you comfort; it makes you fall in love; it can even predict your future and your fortune.

It can be strong, like the will of the brave, or light as a tender smile. It hails from the mystical Middle Eastern land of faraway Arabia.

Who am I referring to? None other than the best confidant of all: “COFFEE”.

Coffee arrived in Mexico by way of a safe passage from Spain around 1790. Its collection of essences and aromas that left a mysterious and delicious trail quickly earned the heart of the Mexican bourgeoisie.

It was through the establishment of coffeehouses that this aromatic beverage became available to groups of intellectuals and romantics that to this day cannot live without a good cup of coffee.

Aromas that enter our noses course through our bodies until they reach our souls.

Isn’t coffee the starting point of the best conversations, those that give way to the best and most creative ideas? Aren’t coffeeshops where secrets are shared and friendships are renewed, where one falls in and out of love? Isn’t over a cup of coffee the perfect way to first get to know someone, the best pretext to get close?

I have found in its warmth and aroma its wonderful ability to comfort me in my greatest sadness, to clear my mind and help me make good decisions, to fill me with inspiration in those hours of creativity.

In my most enjoyable solitude, I have poured over my secrets and my troubles into its dark depths. My love for its poetic companionship has led me to embark on a never-ending pilgrimage, seeking all those hidden places in which to find that cup of coffee that inspires me to set free my heart’s innermost secrets.

Those of us who love coffee find it nearly impossible to have just a single cup, whether it be black, espresso, cappuccino, etc. Our fondness for this exotic beverage towers over the myths that surround it, whether it be that it makes you sleepless, that it makes your heartbeat faster, etc.

All these things go unnoticed when you have in front of you a cup of this aromatic drink, which goes to show how it can be as addictive as adrenaline or love.



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