Conquista y Comida consecuencias del encuentro de dos mundos COORD. JANET LONG

Conquista y Comida consecuencias del encuentro de dos mundos COORD. JANET LONG



Volume 2| Number 2

Date 21 May 2020

Many are the things that drive me, that motivate me. From an early age I was surprised about the wonderful transformative effects that a single book can have on someone’s way of thinking.

Books are a big part of who I am. They are such a crucial part of my life that I cannot imagine myself without the excitement of beginning a new book, discovering the stories it has to tell and smelling the unique aroma of ink on its leaves, and although nowadays there are different circumstances that cause some people to read less in paper, like technology, immediacy, and even global warming—all of them valid reasons, no doubt—, for me the pleasure that a well-written book brings me is unmatched; I have of course adapted to reading in electronic devices when needed, but for me it will never be the same as the feeling of having in a physical book a close friend, a loyal squire alongside you when you’re having a cup of coffee and you become submerged in the story of some particularly charismatic character.

With this book, I was able to feel the intensity of travelling and experiencing the history of Hispanic American cuisine, the cultural processes that impacted it, and the consequences of the exchanges between two worlds.

This extraordinary work, made by various American, European, and African scholars and originally published by the Institute of Historical Research of UNAM, not only lets you bask in the extensive knowledge of great scholars of the subject, but also go straight into the heart of History.

I strongly recommend this work if you wish to look deeper into the evolution of our culinary history.

Until the next culinary book review.