El corazón en un bocado

El corazón en un bocado

Volume 1 | Number 4

Date: August 3, 2021

This book is both prose and recipes. It is the eloquent and snapshot-like memories of a woman who chose to become a cooking professional, from her childhood in the home kitchen to the culmination of a professional career. Vanessa Domínguez Espinosa demonstrates her natural gifts and relate some of her culinary recollections, as if we were guests at her kitchen and all of a sudden a particular taste or aroma brought with it some precious memory.

She introduces us, as way of homage, to those who left a positive mark on her; she shares with us part of the legacy she inherited at various points of her life.

Twenty-one recipes; all of them exquisite and very original. This book is a labor of love, a showcase of good writing and good flavors.

This is not a cooking instruction manual, but rather, a tribute to some very interesting characters with which the reader can empathize. The recipes Vanessa shares with us are not very elaborate, but they are creative and achievable for any reader who likes to venture into the kitchen, if they find themselves looking to try something different, without needing to be a master. What makes Vanessa a prominent chef nowadays is as much her cultural background as it is her delicious moles.

Reading this book will tug at your heartstrings at the same time it makes your stomach rumble.

Whether the reader is an experienced chef or a cooking aficionado, at the end of the book they will surely have re-encountered their own memories and will be thankful with Chef Vanessa for having led them on this journey of reminiscence; a journey into one’s own kitchens, flavors, and loves.