“Grandes Maestros de la Gastronomía ” Author Almudena Villegas


Volume 1 | Number 3

Date 05 August 2020

A delight for the senses; the aromas, the flavors, the colors, and all the sensations experienced upon trying a new dish, delighting our tastebuds with the greatest of all pleasures: food.

A must-have in the bookshelves, kitchens or living rooms of lovers of food writing, for there is a right place to read in every corner of the house.

A perfect read both for those who are passionate about food and for those who care about History and its most significant players.

The extraordinary historian Almudena Villegas embarks us on a journey through time and space to learn about the lives and works of many great characters in food history, such as Apicius, Brillat-Savarin, Escoffier, and Catherine de’ Medici, to name a few; getting to know them through Villegas’ writing is a true pleasure for both mind and palate.

Learning about food through its history allows us to understand the major contributions of those who have caused the culinary arts to change and evolve.

The history of food is undoubtedly a very complex subject. However, the wonderful digest found in this book, with its uncomplicated language and subtle sense of humor, guides us through these otherwise complicated historical events with such pleasure as one would find in the best of novels.

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