Learn to cook traditional dishes from various regions of Mexico with the guidance of Chef Vanessa, who will take you on a journey through the history of authentic Mexican cuisine.

THE TOURS begin with a visit to the Sanctuary of Atotonilco, whit the renowned plastic artist Sergio Peraza, followed by a tasty cocktail and a lesson in the history of Mexican cuisine, and lastly a delicious meal prepared by both the Chef and our visitors.

During the lesson you will acquire a substantial background on the development of Mexican cuisine and its culture.

At the cooking lesson you will take part in and experience first-hand the many colors and aromas that make Mexican cuisine so unique. The classes are individual or in groups, depending on your preference.

We also have seasonal classes, or if you would rather not cook yourself, you can have someone else cook for you; we have an option suited to your needs.


Come to our gastronomic gatherings and discover myths, legends, and historical facts about cooking. Travel alongside Chef Vanessa and submerge yourself in the fascinating world of international culinary history, from ancient Egypt to the kitchens of the Russian tzars or of the French courts.

Apart from our travels across different regions of the globe, in this class we will also treat our palates with delicious recipes, products and dishes form each region.

The gatherings to will take place via Zoom; if you wish to take part, contact us at